Sunday, 2 February 2014

YouTube - Cue the multimedia!

YouTube is perhaps the #1 spot that students go for information that doesn't have to be read.  There's a profound amount of junk out there, but if you're looking for a walkthrough on the latest software revision (when they move around all your controls!), YouTube usually strikes gold.

Once again, I'm impressed with this site being free.  Although Google struggled a bit to monetize this after acquiring the site for $1.64 billion, they seem to have come up with a solution using AdSense revenue sharing.  Content authors get a majority of the revenue, but Google's ~40% take adds up to immense capital!

The software I use typically has a button for automatically uploading my content to YouTube. In fact, most smart phones have sharing options that direct the files directly to YouTube. Uploading can take a little while, but there are good online options in the YouTube world for image stabilization, annotation, and links. I wish I could add hot buttons right into the videos that link to specific sites, but I understand that there is potential for abuse that YouTube is not interested in addressing.

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