Sunday, 2 February 2014

Blogging Software

Here's your megaphone.  You've got a powerful way to spread your message to the crowds.  There are multitudes of blogging software, but I'm only going to tell you about the one I use:  Blogger.  It's free and maintained by Google, meaning that it links well into searches and plays nicely with other Google enterprises, like YouTube.  Those are the two main pillars for my soapbox.

I am also on "Google+", but I admit I'm not really sure how this works.  It seems to consolidate YouTube and Blogger entries well, so matching up the two is easy.  I've never tried other software, so maybe there are better alternatives.  Wordpress is extremely popular, and I believe it's also free.  Movable Type can be purchased, and runs large sites like The Huffington Post and the BC government.   If you have success with these or other software packages, feel free to post your experience in the comments section!

I either type in my text or dictate it into my Mac using voice recognition in the Mavericks OS.  I used to be able to type faster than dictating and proofing my work, but my Mac displays the words and corrects them in real time.  My biggest complaint is that "genes" comes out as "jeans", so I am extra-vigilant for that substitution!

One more neat feature about Blogger is that you can consolidate your posts into pages.  I like to create the entries one at a time. Sometimes I don't do this in sequential order.   Moreover, because posts are arranged by date, you would have to record the posts you want at the bottom first, and work your way to the most recent entries.  I keep my posts as individual Pages so that they can be linked and shared more easily. I later string these together using the HTML (rather than Compose) editing feature.  You will see these pages at the top of this entry and all the other parts of my blog.

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